Friday, October 10, 2008

And the winner is???

Well my wife I guess for getting a photo with 'man crush' material Craig Alexander. But seriously Craig (Crowie) is a very realistic contender for the top spot. Having sat down to dinner with TJ and discussed some of the training they undertook together in Boulder I have to say Craig's workouts were very impressive. The 2008 champion, maybe!


Ben G said...

Hey buddy, Nice photo for Cindy, and awesome prediction. I want to know what some of those sessions were you talked about with TJ? I may use some of them before Lanzarote!! Great race on the net, I bet it was brilliant live, inspirational stuff!!

Ben said...

Buddy I have to keep some secrets for myself right to ensure I can stay one step ahead of you ;o)

Mostly is was simple stuff but Crowie actually seems to execute on all of the workouts we talk about (obviously his awesome genetics help out). What stood out was the intense daily (I think) functional dynamic core workouts that he does. Now clearly this is evidenced in his flawless running form which he holds without compromise all the way through an IM run.