Monday, October 6, 2008

The TYR Family

Arrived safe and sound with only one small problem, no bags! Okay I dramatize, they arrived on the next flight several hours after we arrived so not too much of a horror story. My biggest single concern was my bike (I traveled with my P3C in the hope of getting some training done for 70.3 Worlds) as when I left it the oversize baggage guys had decided to search it and all I saw were straps and bubble wrap everywhere! It is still in the box as we speak so I will update you later on the outcome.

Cindy and I were met at the airport by my friend and boss Ryan Dolan (National Sales Manager Multisport and Team at TYR Sport) and were greeted by a big bag of TYR goodies some of which were custom made for the race. Cindy also got some rather nice swim suits from TYR's parent company Swimwear Anywhere (who own Juicy Couture, Donna Karen etc etc) so she was happy!

The rest of the evening was spent the three of us having dinner with TJ Tollakson and talking about what else - Triathlon, perfect! In the picture on the left Ryan, yours truly in the middle and TJ on the right, what a trio! Off to bed now for an early night after lots of travel, and an early wake up call to go for a run before the day begins.

I love this Island!


Ben G said...

Awesome buddy!!! Wanna swop a week of rugby session's, GCSE and 'A' Level Teaching for a seat on the Hawaii roller coaster!! Very envious/jealous here in Yorkshire, enjoy.....

Ben Bigglestone said...

Thanks Ben, Yorkshire in October is a close 2nd ;o)