Monday, November 8, 2010

Road To St George - Week 1

Well an interesting first week back to triathlon training.  Some positives and some negatives.  Before I go into detail though I should explain the above photo.  It was taken in April 2009 at our Coeur d'Alene training camp and signifies a change in priorities for me.  I get more joy from helping support my athletes than I do from own racing ambitions nowadays, that does not mean I don't want to still train and compete because I do and will always want to, it just signifies a change in mind state when circumstances ensure I don't manage to get a workout done that is on my schedule.  In the past I would beat myself up and get upset if I failed to get a prescribed workout completed, nowadays I give thanks to the sessions I do manage to get done and don't beat myself up to much (just a little bit ;)).

A review of the week then:
  • Swim - Manged to get two sessions in, one of just over 3000m (just under an hour) and another of 1500m (ran out of time, had to get the car to Cindy, the challenges of being a one car family!).  My goal is to swim four times a week with two lunch time masters sessions at BAC but it's only week one and I figure I have time to build back to four sessions!
  • Bike - Three rides achieved, one as planned (a two hour L2 outdoor ride), and two CT rides the first went well (3x3m 85%, 2m 95%, 1m 105%) yet the second was a wash mainly due to a crazy busy day and not having the desire to be on the bike any longer than an hour.
  • Run - Been suffering this week with very very tight calves, beyond anything I have experienced before, ever!  I attribute it to starting to ride again and running a rolling 12 miles last Sunday at 'M' pace (average 6:48/mile).  It has been very frustrating and definitely curtailed my running a little.  Having said that I still ran three times, one run of 16 miles (6:59 avg), one very painful run of 8 miles on a rolling route at E pace (7:30 avg), and a 10 mile treadmill session with 2x2 miles at M pace inserted into some E pace running.  I shall evaluate the calves this week and get some treatment, I hope it is nothing too serious although they are crazy tight.  I have been self treating with ice, compression, arnica, and a little gentle self massage.
  • Core/TRX - Two solid sessions here, would have liked to get a couple more in but time was simply not on my side this week.  Still, felt strong and starting to work some more dynamic exercises into my routine.
Overall volume (Mon-Sun) was in the region of 10 hours so not a bad week really.  I find athletes tend to focus on the workouts that don't get done and don't give the necessary credit to the ones that are accomplished.  I have tried to be positive about actually getting in a somewhat balanced week and provided I can get my calves sorted out see no barriers in following my week a little closer to 'my plan' going forward.

I am still picking up some additional classes at the PC while Cindy continues her rehab following her accident and this Sunday marked the first of a three part swim clinic that I am running out of Samena.  Combine that with a couple of unplanned meetings, some busy days at the Performance Center and a couple of new coaching clients starting with me this week and it has been a busy but productive work week that has eaten up a little planned training time.  Work comes first and I expect this to be a somewhat common occurrence as we move into our busy season.  My plan is to find a 'business manager' for the Performance Center, so if anyone out there knows of a suitable candidate do let me know, oh they have to be content with good perks but low wages ;).

Other notes - Not been sleeping great over the past week or so, definitely impacts my recovery and general energy levels.  Nutrition in general has been good although Cindy had an Arbonne party at the house on Friday and has been 'baking' this week.  Being the glutton that I am if there are baked goods around then I eat them, all of them!!!  For me it is simply best not to have them in the house, I don't crave them but if they are there they will get eaten.  A big goal for me this week is to reduce red wine consumption!  Now some of you may laugh but Cindy and I literally drink a bottle of red wine every night, I can't actually remember the last night we went without.  Okay its 'only' two classes each but I believe it is impacting my recovery, my body composition and my sleeping patterns so this week (you heard it here first) it goes down to two nights out of seven!!!!!  Don't worry Thursday night is still Pagliacci night.......

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Ben G said...

Good work mate. If I was just a tad closer I would get some work done on your monster calves. Have a good week.