Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Road to St George!

After a year of not competing in triathlons to focus more attention on developing my coaching business and getting Vo2 Performance Center established it is time to jump back into the sport I love.  I was not completely idle in 2010, in fact I set myself the goal of running the White River 50 trail race (race report on blog) in an attempt to help address my limited run endurance without the distraction and fatigue cost of swimming and cycling.  I actually raced three ultra's in 2010 one of which I won, a second where I got lost, and the White River event which was a success.  I still cycled and swam a little, more as a way to spend time with my athletes than with any real conviction and I continued to lead rides at the Performance Center which helped me hold on to a little bike fitness.

My goal is to write a weekly (yeah fat chance) short blog detailing my training and preparation for Ironman St George along with the trials and tribulations of managing my own business and trying to keep everything else in my life in order.  I realize that some of you out there face many more time constraints than I but I think by providing some insight into how I coach myself, decisions I make around what workouts happen and don't happen and how that fits with training commitments that might not necessarily fit with my own plan will provide learning opportunities for you all.

A quick snap shot of where I am starting from with my training, body comp, etc is below:
  • Age 37, height 5'9", weight 155lbs (goal race weight 150lbs)
  • Swim - Averaged probably one swim a week this year (maybe), recent workout in a SCY pool was 2x(300s 30s rest, 2x150 rest 15s, 3x100 rest 10s) all at LT, times - 3:50, 1:58, 1:15-18
  • Bike - Averaged two rides a week this year of approx 1 hour in duration.  My guess as to where my FTP is right now is 265-270w (last year when preparing for Kona it was 290-295)
  • Run - Strong right now, averaged four to five a runs a week this year.  Recent 10km with my new found 'slow' ultramarathon legs was 37:26 at Salmon Days.  Will run Rock n Roll AZ with the goal of going under 3 hours (never run an open marathon before ;)) on January 16th.
Follow me on my journey as I try and train smart, work smart and keep everything else in my life in harmony.  St George is considered a tough course so my only real goal is to execute a race that does my fitness justice on race day whatever level that fitness may be.  As my friend and fellow coach Scott Jones says "train with joy or not at all".   Before I sign off I want to say a huge thank you to my wife Cindy who has been by my side all year and even put her own triathlon racing on hold to join me in my quest to run the White River 50 (she also completed the event with her customary smile on her face).  She has also been instrumental in the success of the Performance Center as we head into our second year and I know supports me as I endeavor to get ready for another Ironman.  Her turn will come as once I am done with St George, she will start preparation in earnest for Ironman Canada and a little comeback of her own!

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