Friday, January 28, 2011

Western States - An easy decision

When I applied for the WS100 lottery I knew I had a slim chance of getting in however I had fun doing some Ultras in 2010 so I thought hey I qualified, I deserve to apply.  Someone had led me to believe that you basically don't get a look in if its your first year applying so I thought what the hell apply and let fate deal your hand.

Well as fate had it I got selected.  A double edged sword as I knew it was the same weekend as Ironman Coeur d'Alene a key race for many of my athletes and for several their first Ironman.  I can honestly say I don't really have any personal ambitions left in the sport that I want to achieve.  Don't get me wrong I will always race 'hard' when I race and if I am in shape then hey who knows what the outcome will be but long gone are the days when I get worked up about the outcome of a race.

A number of weeks have passed since I got the 'news' I was in WS100 and many weeks of trying to get my head around Ironman St George a race quickly creeping up on  me and at the forefront of my mind.  Also many more weeks have passed for my athletes preparing for Ironman Coeur d'Alene and as they are changing gear and really getting into some consistent meaningful training my mind keeps drifting to IMCDA 2010 where a good number of Team Vo2Multisport athletes and supporters alike made the journey to race and support.  I have not missed an Ironman Coeur d'Alene since I moved to the US and in the process I have made some wonderful friends and collected some fabulous memories.  A special mention at this point needs to go to Susan and Robert Cliff who have been the home stay of Cindy and I for the last several years and have the 'best' house in town (those of you who know where we stay can vouch for that).

I asked myself the question, how would I feel not being in Coeur d'Alene this year and the answer was heart broken.  I love being there for my athletes and simply put have such an awesome time helping them get through their day and the lead up to the race that I don't want to miss it.  So in short I am withdrawing from WS100 and am instead going to do what I love, look after my athletes, help them when they need me and generally enjoy the warmth and splendor that Coeur d'Alene has to offer.

The Vo2Multisport Inspiration station will bigger and better than ever before so stop by during race week, or give us a shout or a smile on race day.  We will be there for you and will cheer just as loudly for the first person as the last ;).


Eric said...

good choice. Follow your dreams and desires and what's important to you and your lifestyle.
Remember there is always Cascade Crest 100 in late August....
A much more scenic course and tougher.
The Balanced Athlete

Anonymous said...

will be great to have you there!