Friday, April 10, 2009

Run Happy

A Brooks marketing slogan, 'Run Happy' often has my mind engaged when I am out running alongside Lake Skaha, Penticton (picture left), on my local trails in Cougar Mountain, knocking out a set of mile repeats at the Mercer Island Middle School Track, or joining Cindy my wonderful wife for a four mile recovery run on the pipeline trail near my home.

When I run my mind is free, my thoughts are clear and I love nothing more than listening to the depth of my breathing, the thumping of my heart and the sound as my foot strikes the earth time and time again tapping out a rhythm I have become more and more familiar with over recent weeks and months.

2009 has been something of a running renaissance for me. Those that know me well know me as the guy that never ran more than 30km's a week (yes that is under 19 miles a week!) in preparation for my first ironman, the guy that keeps threatening to run an open marathon but would rather save the legs for something more worthwhile (in my mind anyway), the guy that used to run hard and fast everytime he ran (I had too right I was only running 18 miles a week!!), the guy that has never had (touch wood) any serious running related injury that has forced a rest period.

As I get older in triathlon years (this year will represent 20 years since my first triathlon and I am 36 im May) and older physically I am having to look at previously unexplored training territory. This year it has been a commitment to myself to run more frequently and build more robustness and durability. It has also been a commitment to try and surpass my running PR's from years gone by (most of my run PR's were acheived in the late 80's early 90's, with just one coming in recent years). My tactic is simple Run Happy.

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