Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Congratulations IMC Athletes!

I am so proud of my athletes and took huge satisfaction in seeing everyone cross the line. Here is a brief summary of the results:

  • Michael Pritchard - 10:12:59, 16th AG, 104th Overall PR by 00:57:26
  • Cindy Bigglestone - 11:00:53, 8th AG, 321st Overall (40th Female) PR by 00:16:36
  • Win Van Pelt - 11:05:07, 15th AG, 345th Overall PR by 00:18:10
  • Ron Stadick - 11:19:48, 24th AG, 426th Overall PR by 02:59:12
  • Ed Bullock - 12:12:33, 56th AG, 812th Overall PR by 00:41:30
  • Jeff Platt - 12:45:47, 62nd AG, 1067th Overall 1st Ironman Finish
  • Deb Rubens - 12:47:12, 49th AG, 1077th Overall PR by 00:23:16
  • Chris Esposito - 13:58:54, 182nd AG, 1526th Overall 1st Ironman Finish
  • Tami Prock - 16:17:32, 103rd AG, 1988th Overall 3rd Ironman Finish

This was the first year in the last five that I had not raced, I wanted to be there to support and cheer on my athletes on their big day. I was glad to not be racing and in fact thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being out on the course on race day and trying to track down where everyone was.

Being fortunate enough to work for TYR I had VIP access to transition and other normally off limits areas for spectators, this meant I could be right at the swim exit and in transition helping pump up tires on race morning. I also really got to experience the energy of all the athletes right before the cannon fired and started their day. Truly awesome.

Thank you to all our sponsors and thank you athletes for making this a most remarkable day for me. You are all rock stars.

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