Friday, February 1, 2008

Making Changes

Life presents us with many cross roads. I am at one of those junctions right now. Which road should I take? Triathlon is and always has been my passion ever since I discovered this wonderful sport of ours back in 1989. I quickly understood that Triathlon was more than just a sport or pastime it was a lifestyle.

Nineteen years on and I find myself working in the industry I love marketing and promoting what I believe to be the best wetsuit brand in the sport (blueseventy). However due to recent changes in my role within the company I find myself facing a tough decision.

My new role has me promoting and leading the entry of blueseventy into the world of open water swimming (in the USA). Now, I love swimming and consider myself a relatively good exponent of the first discipline of our sport however on a standalone basis I find it hard to get excited about. As much as I have tried to turn myself on to this new Olympic discipline (Beijing 2008 will represent the inaugural year of the 10km open water swim as a medal event) I find it lacks the color, flair and passion of triathlon, I hate to say it but it is also not 'cool' in the same way that triathlon is.

This role change has come at the same time I decided that I wanted to more actively get involved in coaching (something I have been doing ever since obtaining my degree in Sport and Exercise Science back in 1995). I have been very fortunate to have had a lot if interest in my coaching business of late and this has helped me make the tough financial decision of leaving blueseventry and throwing myself headlong into full time coaching.

Those of you that have helped reassure me that pursuing what you are passionate about is the right thing to do and those that have joined my coaching group in recent months, I thank you. My wonderful wife Cindy who puts up with my ever changing mind (which I know drives her insane at times) I love you and thank you for allowing me to pursue this. Without your blessing this decision would have been impossible to make.

Rest assured I will continue to work with blueseventy and represent them as an ambassador locally and nationally, my time with them has taught me a great deal and exposed me further to the industry and sport I love.

Please follow my progress on this blog as I look forward to an exciting new career.


Mark Gingrich said...

Best of luck Ben. My thoughts and computer will be at your disposal throughout your journey!

Ben Garrard said...

This is great news buddy. Bigglestone and Success go hand in hand. You don't need any luck, when you set out to do something it works, because you make it work!

Ben Bigglestone said...

Thanks guys, it means a lot to have your support and motivation through this change.